Ufo News Rendlesham Incident Us Commander Speaks For The First Time About The Suffolk Ufo

By Jasper CoppingThe Telegraph8-6-11 The senior US military official who led the investigation into the supposed landing of a UFO in a Suffolk forest has spoken of the incident for the first time in three decades. The incident had been known as Britain's Roswell: a group of American servicemen stationed in Suffolk go into a forest to investigate mysterious lights and emerge convinced they have seen an alien spacecraft.The sightings, in December 1980, remain unexplained and have become the country's most tantalising and enduring UFO riddle.One of those involved even claimed to have touched an alien spacecraft.Now, the man who led the only investigation into the "Rendlesham Forest Incident" has spoken about the sightings - but his decision to end thirty years of silence is unlikely to please the UFO-believers as he suggests his men could have been hoaxed. ... More See Also:UFO NEWS Rendlesham 2010 30th Anniversary ConferenceVIDEO UFO Invasion at RendleshamThe Rendlesham/Bentwaters UFO Case Had a Nuclear Weapons Connection SHARE YOUR UFO EXPERIENCE HELP SUPPORT THIS SITE ABOUT DONATIONS Grab this Headline Animator

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