Signs And Symbols Crop Circle Formation Appears Near Enna Sicily Italy June 16 2013

Signs And Symbols Crop Circle Formation Appears Near Enna Sicily Italy June 16 2013
JUNE 19, 2013 - ITALY - The Products Roll CONNECTOR reports that a new crop circle was seen with Enna, Sicily, Italy. This formation appeared on the 16th of June, 2013.

"Two huge circles give birth to been naked in a column of wheat in Sicily, with the town of Enna. The article in Italian tells

that the cultivator naked it yesterday daylight (June 16, 2013). He noted that submit is no sign of advent all

in the region of the formation. Go inside to see the picture:

"The cartouche was naked by Salvatore (Tot`o for acquaintances) Gugliara: I "I found two excellent circles that form an 8 and this thing in a jiffy struck me [...] The two circles are in the end big, give birth to a diameter of leader than thirty meters [...] I do not collect who did it, but whoever it was, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, she did it to show it [...] I am looking for very clear and submit is no shade secret, you can see traces of parasitic, but it is overwhelming to connect at the same time as the trail of a tractor in that case would leave clear set of instructions." (source: "

"In fact traces of incursion hand-me-down by circle makers (populate who photocopy these drawings) generally consist in the farmlands, called tramlines. Colonize grooves dead by tractors and unindustrialized vehicles, well clear very in this case. Prepared these rock bottom is in fact flatten entrance to the column weak spot neglect traces of their approve. The "8" Gugliara mentioned, it is conceivably the symbol Vesica piscis, so velvety in sense and so adoration to tons circle makers. "

"The article published by Vivienna learn by rote as this case is not the in words of one syllable one in that area: "

"It's not the first time that such incidents appear nell'ennese, just a engagement ago the the unexplained phenomena of crop circles (crop circles) arrived in Villarosa, was at the source of July in the community Garcia, the last case was naked in the community S. Nicholas, the alight of Enna. At the moment, as subsequently the two circles appearance to be made gone a compass, no get out sign and what's more give birth to a diameter that is about thirty meters. "

"A number of onlookers give birth to speculated a connection gone UFO sightings that occurred yesterday in Perugia bit it is not the first time that happens nell'ennese a selection of phenomenon - so to consult - paranormal at the same time as at the source of the 90s were sighted to Enna Bassa the unexplained bright spheres fast. "

Connecting Villarosa adn Enna at the suggestion of the Palermo-Catania highway, on Saturday daylight,

appeared two concentric rings in the grit.

They are to be found at km 112 and 200, on the sound effects of Amaradio work it.

"If the circles are naked yesterday by ufo unfortunately maybe we'll never collect, but at lowest possible the comfort is that it can be a up and about education and that at lowest possible reserve a adult pull out at lowest possible to reserve to the orbit of Enna, normally under pressure gone negative news, a twinkle of stylish and, why not, of appeal and be wary of.

" (source: "

"Accomplice is tentative gone miniature tentative statements: "it is forced that the first light of arithmetical statistics to now submit are open explanations." ( "


A look at of the article by W.S. appeared on

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