Guest Frank Feschino Researcher Of The Flatwoods Case

Guest Frank Feschino Researcher Of The Flatwoods Case
Unlocked C. Feschino, Jr. grew up in Connecticut. He is a graduate of the elegant Paier Comradeship of Art in Hamden, Connecticut but he strenuous picture, consumer art and shooting. For four-years, Unlocked was
proficient by uncommon world-famous artists as well as Kenneth Davies, Rudolph Zallnger and John Massimino.

He became an pure painter, illustrator and photographer and
earned his All right Arts diploma in 1981.

Feschino inspired to Florida and strenuous film and video trade at
Phillips Jr. Comradeship in Daytona Seaside, Florida. He was proficient by Hollywood camera active Inside Davis and graduated amid an Relatives Facet in 1994.
As a come to pass, Feschino honed overindulgence piece of mail abilities attractive his gorgeous school and interviewing skills.

In the early 1990s, he became avid in UFOs subsequently he visited a relative's continue in Braxton State, West Virginia. Foodstuffs circles appeared present-day overnight and UFOs were commonly sighted over the area. Feschino accepted these anomalies and then collective his research and data amid crop circle expert, Colin Andrews.

Trendy that era, Unlocked C. Feschino, Jr. naked the eminent
"Flatwoods Thug" incident of 1952. He investigated the case for
uncommon kick, as a result becoming an lack of responsibility on the incident. In West Virginia, Feschino has appeared on watch talk shows, numberless TV news broadcasts, radio talk shows and boundless the media.

Feschino's UFO research has the same been featured on numberless public and large-scale radio talk shows. His research has the same been featured in the media rotund the world as well as uncommon paranormal magazines in the Coupled States, as well as the first-ever "Flatwoods Thug" cover story in UFO Journal, November 2007.

Author/Illustrator Unlocked C. Feschino, Jr. has been investigating the UFO phenomena for rationally 20-years and continues to do so, often operator amid Stanton T. Friedman. He resides in central Florida.

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