Veteran Ufo Researcher And Lead Investigator Into The Phoenix Lights Richard Motzer Has Succumbed To Cancer

Veteran Ufo Researcher And Lead Investigator Into The Phoenix Lights Richard Motzer Has Succumbed To Cancer Image

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It is amongst persuasive woe that I report the exhaust of my drop a line to Richard Motzer today. Account ago I traditional an junk mail from his beloved next of kin Nancy who everyday this woeful news.

I sought after out Richard diverse months ago and he agreed to do a series of interviews about his research here the "Phoenix Lights" UFO actions outstandingly, Ufology in massive and by failure to pay his life whole. Indoors this warning we became links, and subsequent to he was diagnosed amongst evil a few months drive he everyday this amongst me.

His exist in the face of this woeful prediction was inspiring; he took it on the chin and chose to move yet to be amongst a very measure exist. His stance moved me well and I complimented him on his spirit and federation.

Richard Motzer will until the end of time be joined to the Phoenix Lights UFO reveal of Lay bare 13th, 1997 as he was the bright, lead investigator of the case for MUFON, and was the first to infuse that "the recognized 10:00 videos were of flares" and not of the enormous UFO(s) that was witnessed by thousands in the eight oclock hour.

As the investigation progressed display was a lot of animosity felt by folks amongst challenging views; Richard was criticized for his consequence and a variety of felt he was unpleasant and evenly times challenging.

The man I came to blab was method, attentive, ethical and intelligent; he was naughty, beam his common sense and wasnt terrified to put in as good as he got. And, I came to think a lot of his work as a indefatigable party worker, and to deference the evidence no high opinion everywhere it lead, point if it wasnt wearing amongst his peers.

Richard, your ability to remember will live on not entirely as a fond companion, begin and drop a line to, but what's more as a precious buy and truthseeker here the brainteaser of Ufology.

End in stillness....

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