David Macdonald On Tonight Joiner Report 4 30 10

David Macdonald On Tonight Joiner Report 4 30 10
Imagine interviewing witnesses of a UFO sighting over the Louisville Airport when, suddenly, all found it impossible to speak.

David MacDonald will discuss his research of the Louisville incident Friday night on The Joiner Report.

MacDonald is the State Director of Kentucky's MUFON, National Exam Administrator, Certified Field Investigator, and Member STAR Team/SIP.

His varied background includes being the president and chief pilot of Flamingo Air and owner of the Flamingo Bay Resort in The Bahamas. He is also the president of MacDonald Defense Company, the largest security and surveillance company in the region.

Heller Audio/Visual Company is owned by MacDonald which is the manufacturer of security, covert and wireless surveillance equipment. And, he was formerly employed as a chemist for The Drackett Company and on the team that developed such products as Windex, Endust and Behold furniture polish.

Dave does have time for recreational entertainment. He is a certified Dive Master and a professional photographer, specializing in underwater photography, and is a former member of a local underwater recovery team.

Tune in to the UFO Paranormal Radio Network (http://www.ufoparanormalradio.homestead.com/Main Page version 2.html), Friday evening, 9-11 p.m. CST, for an informative two hours on The Joiner Report.


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