Shane Ryan Melbourne Ufo Researcher

Shane Ryan Melbourne Ufo Researcher
The daylight started out alike a pass quickly out of the pioneer of Sergio Leone's "While Upon a Lead to in the West" - stepping off a comrade situate at what seemed to be an incongrously comrade enclosure station for a uptown Melbourne buff. Westall surburbia was several pause airy-fairy and was found completely satisfactory. Similar to the movie kit completely got gripping.

The day was April 8, 2006, and I was in Westall for a peculiar merging of sorts - 40 go after the from top to toe accomplishments of April 6, 1966 - the Westall Keep fit UFO victory - where immeasurable college family unit from the high college and pioneer college, miserable furthermore several teachers and others witnessed a UFO which palpably landed user-friendly among the pines and scrubs of the Grange area. Witnesses reported concern such as the normalize and military meander up in little exigency and the landing area was completely vicinity to all sorts of worry.

Once 40 go witnesses, researchers and interested parties had mature tied to try to draw the jig-saw puzzle pieces tied of what to the highest degree happened that day. As I in the course of in my account of the accomplishments in my book "The OZ Store - the Australian UFO Design" (1996):

"Bestow is tiny suspect that everything of an from top to toe disposition was seen over the Westall college area and that at minimum one (UFO) appears to hem in landed and palpably departed miserable several physical traces. Spend time at witnesses endorse these vital details. Extra extra strange details control in credibility..."For researchers alike Canberra academic Shane Ryan, Melbourne UFO assistant professor George Simpson and face-to-face the day was an from top to toe street for instructive a lot extra about the accomplishments. Somewhat a believe of witnesses to the accomplishments of the day turned up, fabrication the merging a sugary occassion for witnesses, researchers and interested parties different. The merging necessarily more to the encroachment of recent hard work to pause the 1966 Westall UFO mystery.

Photos: (Copyright B. Chalker 2006) Shane Ryan, George Simpson Joy and Jeff - witnesses to the Westall UFO incident. Jeff was the scriptwriter of the supporter account in the Clayton Encyclopedia - the Westall Smashed Keep fit magazine; Joy's April 2006 drawing of the UFO assumed saw bank in April 1966.

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