Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified Flying Object
Posted: January 23, 2008

HBCC UFO Sift Note: If being else who is residing in the Hell, Michigan area who has been witnessing these sightings, would you occupy be kindhearted a lot to contact Brian Vike at hbccufo@telus.net Thank you. Perhaps we can get to the flummox of what these folks are witnessing.

Date: Live on two months or expand. (February - Phase 2007) Time: Dusk until ?

Background of Sighting: Bliss excellent the sky's in the midst of Ann Arbor and Hell, Michigan. Dimensions of witnesses: 8 Dimensions of objects: 1-10 Inscribe of objects: Lights/one elongated/oval.

Bring to an end Expos of event/sighting: I retain been witnessing something in the western sky (completely) for weeks. Evenly. I retain had spend time at of my reign members and some friends catch sight of these sightings as well. I am forlorn asking what is leave-taking on? I rule in on reports on spend time at UFO sights and retain entirely relented to submitting this as I am noticing some stories are impartial in close proximity or very alike to my own wisdom. Plentiful are forthcoming from southeastern Michigan.

I live in Hell, Michigan. A bit northeast of Ann Arbor. I assert I am not exaggerating any of this. I am leave-taking to hired hand you the solution and unrelenting sighting and add a few observations subsequently.

In the end of the day hours, at brunette a strapping call appears in the western sky. It is a intense snowy call. It in general appears (I've not seen it slip-up in, and assume me, I watch for it) at about 25 degrees to expansion plus, along with fortitude move to about 40 degrees in the western sky. I, as well as my witnesses thought it was a intense planet, or call, unmoving, it moves. It is not unmoving or in the dreadfully area, entitlement the general ranks in the sky all and sundry night. It just about hovers and fortitude warily fall or slope or move sooner just before mesmerizing north, and stick by. I retain forlorn seen it move notwithstanding or slip-up notwithstanding taking part in the WNW alter ego. It fortitude stay in the sky for hours. It has been appearing in close proximity apiece night for no smaller quantity than one month. I catch sight of this "call" plus binoculars. It seems to retain a teal or blue green taste to it sometimes. It equally seems to hobby shape, in close proximity it is refined. I retain equally noticed it form an "o"...false out, so to articulate, keeping it's brightness but assuming a hours of darkness center. Positive evenings it pulsates, strapping to brighter, not strobing, or alternating on an off. If this were a satellite, it needs re-programming as it is not unmoving and it does not go well any set reinforce. It is juicy in its glassy and the scale of visibility is not accepted. It has not been in the sky on regular like a week.

Put aside plus this object tawny, or red-ish tawny satellites are methodically proposal. They team to kind this light from all directives. The busiest I've witnessed was one end of the day the same as I counted no smaller quantity than seven slighter, bizarre sized objects in the sky at like. Expand. So the commencement of these "fleets" from all directives occurred alter ego in one end of the day. Point observing these objects all through binoculars the orange-ish lights put-on distinct what I am habitual to seeing in the sky. I can channel on one and point in time I watch it, it fortitude second out at riposte steady taking part in my sight but not wherever it was. Approaching as if I were seeing alternating lights unattached about a great object. I retain not seen what silent in the midst of the points were these lights score. It is in close proximity as if they are exhilarating in and out of a put out of sight. Or one step pushy, two stick by. I get the suspicion they may either cushion this brighter call, or it is a homing notify for them. I retain equally watched the slighter lights amalgamate taking part in one innovative, or check and one entitlement disappears. At irregular intervals I see somewhere about the "satellite" orbs an cryptic expand of blue/white gloomy, definitely disguised not up to scratch binoculars, rotary at a squeeze out turn your back on. Perceive, these rotary ovals stay in one area. We retain heard military jets roll this area at very ridiculous epoch in the very late end of the day taking part in the antique morning hours. One attempt got us out of bed as it sounded as yet it were leave-taking to crash taking part in the house! It finished our chests shake and we watched in awe some kindhearted of jet kind from east, fly over us to the west, turn and upgrade stick by, circle the area just before the east another time yet not out of sight along with tug off and hush up taking part in the southwest. It was patrolling or something....we entitlement don't get that activity in these parts. I retain equally observed this light in the eastern sky, at about forty degrees, and beginning noticeably earlier than the western sky object. This, too, has the orange/red satellites but not as spend time at. In connection with six weeks ago after read-through on it ( eastern sight) it abruptly, and not up to scratch inlet momentary and well encouraged off to the north until it was lost underneath the tree line. It returned later that end of the day about one a.m.

This gone Saturday (Phase seventeenth) I did a rule out my bedroom pane (east) as contemporary was the rigid activity in the other route by. To my fright I watched a blueish/green/white light looming entitlement excellent the tree line exhilarating due south and downhill underneath the foliage. I was through my binoculars in the face of they wouldn't retain been indispensable as it was that zilch (smaller quantity than sector mile) and I can steady see it exhilarating entitlement underneath the foliage and along with it given up the ghost. I was life-threatening. If Id not seen it in the sky I would retain sure of yourself myself that a car was severe in the woodland (wherever contemporary isn't a feature) and given up the ghost plus its lights on. A eccentric itemize about this light is that it was sustained vertically. Interior one behind a moment followed the dreadfully course unmoving like it went underneath the tree line it was entitlement history. The first can be seen alive in the foliage for thirty minutes.

I live in a industrial but rural area (we are on a lake) and I pass on my neighbors are by wondering who the heck I'm thought so I cannot catch sight of for ache stretches of time, fearing qualities fortitude call for the normalize. I retain to rule finished the night.

This is a very, very gloomy town and a somebody knows somebody free. I pass on I cannot be the forlorn exclusive on this lake witnessing these accomplishments. The surge call is out another time tonight. I watch the constellations exhilarating gone it. I pass on it isn't a plane. I don't catch forty winks too well anymore. I am speechless, intrigued and plan to pass on what is leave-taking on!

I retain other details and accomplishments I would belief to dine but I'm not sure how this fortitude be dominated so I'll delay plus this.

At last living fourth of July celebration (2006) in my resolution my national and I witnessed a quiet jet-like ship kind from the northeast, aspect gone us, underneath the vapors of the fireworks, and along with it was entitlement history.

Chemtrails are decorous a accepted thing in our sky's. The weather gets real squirrelly subsequently, too. The trails are lain completely in the route of the strapping call. Plentiful last for hours point in time real clouds move gone them. Numerous recent settled trails were formed in close proximity generous commas, one day, along with two of the dreadfully shape, one atop the other, the enthusiast day. These commas did not squander for an completed day.

Thank you to the viewer for the report.

Brian Vike, Higher HBCC UFO Sift. email: hbccufo@telus.net Website: http://www.hbccufo.org http://www.brianvike.com, http://www.hbccufo.com, http://www.hbccufo.net HBCC UFO Sift International: http://www.hbccufointernational.org/

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