My Letter To Lord Robert Winston

My Letter To Lord Robert Winston

ARE WE Disappearing 9MINS

Video about Nibiru and the Anunnaki - Scary stuff!

According to the Emergence geneology, the Biblical Torrent took publicize formerly Noah was 600 years old, which, assuming the earth to brandish been fashioned in 4004 BC, would publicize the Torrent at about 2400 BC (about the actual time as the Pyramids were being built). 2012 Is the date given by the Mayan calander withhold 3600 and we get 1588BC As a date for the Well-hidden onslaught.

The figures don't match!

One is 1000 years entranced.

Or can the writings be wrong?

Discharge to be on the rigid side I stylishness an underground water anxiously rigid room may be something feature intellect about! Even as the video predicts Dec 2007 as being the Mayan 2012. I sway I urge "The Hitch-hikers Person in charge to the Galaxy" at this point! DON'T PANIC!

HOW DO WE Happen A Torrent Be fond of NOAHS?

THE 12TH Dirt - Hearing Unique

Apply your mind to the laden hearing book drink of the 12th planet by Zecharia Sitchin. Come across about the 40 years of stunning research by this man, starting later his first book.

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My interaction to Lord Robert Winston

Forwarded Message: Subj: Robert Winston Date: 16/10/2005 16:55:44 GMT Exemplary Day of the week From: HGN53K To:

Is communicate a God?

Apply your mind to the ballot about somewhere OUR God may brandish originated. As a witness to three ufo sightings of my own such as 1998 i brandish to ask myself whether the Sumarian accounts are true?

Were we fashioned only to mine gold for our creators?

I brandish witnessed later my own eyes technology that is far better-quality than what we declare at this time

As a scientist what does Robert Winston sway of the hazard of life on other planets?

That is life on other planets all the rage our own Through the ceiling System?

Does he sway it may be latent that life (prudent life that is) exists not solely on Mars but next on modern planet Nibiru which comes border on heaps for them to make out us the entire 3600 years.

Does Robert Winston beleive or disbeleive the existence of ufo's?

Stage are strain on this planet that not solely with determination beleive in their existence - They brandish met and interacted later them.


I beleive that it is time that we as a planet of humans duty be told the truth and cede an end to all the brutality fashioned from diverse moral beleifs.

I understand it very sad that approaching the entire war that has scarred our races has one or specially religions as its birth don't you?

Is your program man heaps to pleasure such possibilities?


Remarkable AT A Dialogue 1MIN


Andy Fright

These Journals save....Oct 16

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