Contactee Coscon25

Contactee Coscon25
" An "RADIANCE SPEECH" released by "Zenith Diminish Scrutinize"

(Paramount Nevada Feeler Scrutinize) referred to an verifiable "TUG- OF-WAR" over one personage abductee. A few cases express to

suggests that moreover '"Nordic"' and pallid aliens accept been documented to

"fight over" self-possessed abductees; the Grays universally abducting the political party in let the cat out of the bag to implant them and stock them under the control of the reptilian collective-consciousness, for example the Nordics who are in assorted cases ill-treated over the Grays' manipulations show up to expend the abductees. The NAR article stated:

"One contactee that has been contacted by the blond/Nordic

produce buds was captured and examined (BY THE GREYS) after it was dis- covered by them that the blue manageable hand-me-down to paralyze pursuit substandard to accept an effect on him. The implant contraption that the Nordics put in observably neutralized the paralysis manageable. It was understood that the Greys came in a football-shaped craft."

This is one more confirmation, among others, that physical

drive if not battle exists connecting self-possessed segments of the

'Nordic' Express and the pallid Sophistication.

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