Ufology Exopolitics Safety Net

Ufology Exopolitics Safety Net

Construction An Generally Exopolitics Defense Net

By Ed Komarek


Orangutan and Arrangement Without guides

My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

I call struggled as call a choice of others to tell the truth about extraterrestrial reality to the generally turmoil. This has been a damaging sense to the same degree populace that asphyxiate the truth at some point in the world call enlarge materials at their disposal and call been able to include UFO/ET important information to the UFO/ET community. We would like to break out of this locking up.

A world vast bill regulations of exclusion and derision has been very surefire the at an earlier time sixty time and none call been self-important blinded and manipulated than the archetypal media. I hypothesize I call finally been able to plan out a way to manage people true all over the world through the uphold doorway by way of the Internet to passage the propagandizing archetypal media.

This way relies on check originate of information along with few confines on that originate. I started by creating a blog at no receipt and thus began to be aware of exopolitical articles and announcement them on my blog not good enough copyright. I single ask that others fit put my exclaim and blog honest on the articles if realistic. In this way I figure a exact result tether. I either announcement articles true by place them to archetypal Internet push tenderness American Report and OpEd Communication or email the articles to the editors of UFO/ET media and Internet push tenderness The Canadian somewhere I can't post true.

Supplementary people along with websites, blogs, Internet push etc. thus first-rate up the articles and move the information to point self-important people. I was single contacted by an Internet book in Sri Lanka that is publishing my animal. Since my exclaim and blog honest is on the article or at the site people can build on uphold and understand by self-important blog articles and now the articles are in a free e-book format intact to print out.

The nearby step I am being helped on by a positive is to announcement a well condensed typeset along with a channel cover and push it intact cheaper than the book can be stamped out free from the Internet. This can be varnished in other countries and languages as well. As self-important information gets understand by and thin populace that understand by the articles and the book hear expend in them and want to bet on as they call been assisted. We all obedient, as a rising drift lifts all boats. We take off the new way plays by kind restrict each other.

In this way we all engorge our attainment. And I call my email honest on the blog so others can contact me to complete me along with this brand power as well as put me on to important new information that I thus search uphold voguish the blog rupture network. So the blog and book also encourage not unaccompanied as a rupture network for thinking and evidence but also for the supply of new thinking and evidence. One of the prevalent mistakes people push is that they get information and thus sit on it and do not chunk it and so their attainment is diminished.

Particular relations hypothesize I am out of my core for not copyrighting my animal as others can and bestow proceeds from and perhaps point alter the work. Since people are volunteering to complete me in this work I don't refinement honest about assembly a proceeds on this but that have to not become certified others from pretend as they see fit. I am acceptable to receptacle the venture and group in the least extravaganza but in generally I intricate peoples further side bestow position.

When is important to me is that the thinking get thin in as a choice of languages as realistic all involvement the world and if I can get uphold in the least costs that would be reliable but not that important. When is important is raising the attainment of the people of the world as to the handiwork of extraterrestrial reality so that they can push exact decisions and not be manipulated by cover up or deceitful counterfeit skewed disclosures of information.

I certainly recognize relations overture to build on on source and complete get these exopolitical articles of mine translated and thin involvement the world. Fill have to understand that they are not pretend this for me but for death. This is a very vast levy as it my belief to push a infinite confrontation on stockpile attainment and no way can I do this on my own. The dream is to provide a conceptual defense net of sorts to complete people exact in a exact way to press out disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.

For populace of you in scores of countries that are translating this work voguish conflicting languages for Internet as well as published rupture I hypothesize you can do an impression of what I call clued-up. Account for the first few articles of the book and put them up on a blog or website intact for a person to print out or use in scores of kinds of Internet rupture.

On the blog site or website ask for complete in translating and rupture. Slacken the articles to UFO/ET websites involvement your testify and in the symposium you decipher. Suffer archetypal broad-spectrum Internet push to either announcement true or to the editors of the push if that is not realistic. Don't be disappointed as point if the editors are permanent you may be given him or her in a frail flaunt along with one of the articles and they may announcement since the pellet heaving at that site. J

At the back of awhile editors and publishers can see that they do not lenient confidence for publishing UFO important information but accomplished confidence to the same degree that is what the turmoil wants. Display bestow incessantly be a few who bestow cry and try to shut up shop down turmoil piece on the hand out but positively they bestow be flabbergasted by the overview doings.

Option channel thing that happens so an article gets published in an internet book is that it gets picked up by Internet search engines that may not first-rate up an article published on a blog. This feeds point self-important people voguish your network. Be prisoner and equal along with the adaptation and rupture of articles over time and the originate bestow little by little size and you bestow manage self-important and self-important people.

Any person's belief and wishes may come and go in each testify. In one testify the dream authority be to size up an doings in exopolitics in generally and perhaps to finally guts an exopolitics group group. This authority work for a appeal that single contacted me to complete in attainment articles and the book translated voguish Dutch. Taking into consideration you call a group you call complete and you can possess conferences and the tenderness. Everyplace populace that earlier call a testify vast or native exopolitics group tenderness the relations that are restrict me get translated voguish Chinese from Hong Kong, the translated articles can be used to size up doings in an outlook exopolitics conference. Statistics is the lifeblood of association and any development in originate helps each.

The further we get at developing originate the rather we come to pass one at a time and unruffled. We can push a further world for ourselves and for our immature by the surefire employment and use of networks. Again I recognize any complete I can get. Gust on source if you can hear the time or the materials to complete out. You can push a bulk and complete us push a further world no affair somewhere you live on this planet or which symposium you decipher.

Construction An Generally Exopolitics Defense Net (Drink greedily 2)

By Ed Komarek


Orangutan and Arrangement Without guides

My blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

This article follows on the heels of a keep on article. Now that my first exopolitics free e-book is in close proximity awareness I hear myself concentrating on how to get it translated and thin voguish as a choice of languages as realistic global. My before time picture is to manage hundreds of thousands of people and at in the least later than date perhaps millions. I satisfy this is a very single-minded picture. I hypothesize this picture is feasible through the use of the Internet to help not unaccompanied this book but worldwide exopolitical piece, exopolitical networks and conferences. In this way we unruffled figure a global exopolitical defense net in agreement for realistic press out tragic UFO/ET disclosure.

I am now in contact along with two community one in Close and one in Sri Lanka who would like money to complete attainment started on translating. I call build on up along with this dream of a short sum of root money to get belongings started in the lower intense countries. This dream bestow get self-important bang for the money than in the self-important intense countries. I acquisition I can get this book translated and up on the Internet amongst fifty cents and a dough a subject in in the least of these lower intense countries.

I hypothesize it is important for translators to understand that if they get submit complete and measures that the adaptation have to be publicly intact for all to use on the Internet. I am not in opposition to for proceeds translations and newspaper but represent is a ban of originate operating and if represent is too greatly ban new-fangled non proceeds adaptation can get involvement this.

I call noticed on a choice of occasions that represent are incessantly leaving to be populace that are light to call complete and measures but so the drive gets cloying they want to own and become certified the drive for well-known obedient. This is children's attainment activity and we would like to do what we can to be subsist of and devalue this misfortune.

The best dream I can build on up along with is to call blogs in each symposium along with before time translated typeset of at least amount 30 pages. This authority receipt me or other donors twenty dollars for each symposium a pretty short sum of money for populace of us in the self-important modern countries. Since the sum is so low the venture of timetabled the money is not extreme. If the translator does a channel job of translating and rupture of articles they may point be able to return the rest of the measures for the job in their own testify.

In special cases self-important money can be payable but the dream is to kick off character supporting operations that bestow guts group networks of people that bestow see that the book is presently translated and up on the Internet for free. If the networks are strong plenty they authority be able to receptacle the nearby step and character announcement the book in report along with a channel cover and drawn-out it about their testify to increase the development of their exopolitics group.

In the modern world somewhere the receipt of adaptation is greatly senior the dream would be to call a submit do the first 30 pages at least amount and thus they can ask for either self-important complete translating or for measures to absolute the project at the blog or web site. It authority point be realistic that people quick and seeing the would like for vast rupture of this book can push above goodwill to complete populace translators in the lower modern countries.

Taking into consideration represent is a channel translated typeset of the exopolitics book up on a blog or website thus the nearby step is realistic somewhere a group can character announcement and drawn-out the book at a receipt cheaper than it takes to print out the book from the Internet. This can be an above way for a group or network to engorge measures and turmoil attainment. Plentiful people are not leaving to want to understand by or print the blatant thing out from the life-threatening if they can get a report typeset at a commonsense receipt. This authority be whatever thing exopolitical networks involvement the furrow can concern on so as to get books tackily published in a choice of languages somewhere payments are tightfisted in sitting room tenderness India or China doll.

Since I am not quick in money or copyright I hypothesize this model is sound and that this exopolitics book or at least amount in the least articles can manage hundreds of thousands of people or self-important global. I call noticed that so I announcement my articles in the Internet push I may get as a choice of as 500 hits in single a put your thumb out of days on an article. I assume I call perhaps a hundred articles circulating all feeding uphold to by blog.

So I respect single in America I am reaching tens of thousands of people and who knows for the rest of the English speaking world, it may be tens of thousands self-important earlier at the very least amount. Over time the articles stretch to scatter as people pass on the articles to their websites, blogs and Internet push for point pass on rupture. The Internet book in Sri Lanka publishing my articles for newspaper is such a case in take. Since these articles are not time bleeding they have available lissom. It is non-discriminatory represent is no stopping a genuine dream whose time has build on.

So I assume its time to try to put group a team of volunteers to open and complete hoard these operations. I arrangement to contact associations that I call and am functioning along with on the Internet and any other contacts that authority be quick and acquisition in this transaction as I do. So if this reaches you through one network or new-fangled and you want to complete out represent is a fix for you.

I call varnished most of the work on this so far and now its time for others to build on on source and work group for a further intentional. And this book can be a beautiful intelligence collection marionette for all responsive. If I can get plenty throw cushion thus I can go uphold to concentrating on my script and investigations for a jiffy book, if not I arrangement to concentrate on this idle the job gets varnished.

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