Europe Roswell Ufo Crash At Aberystwyth

Europe Roswell Ufo Crash At Aberystwyth
On a darkish winter's night in January 1983, the elegant Welsh hamlet of Llanilar culminate Aberystwyth was buzzed by a puzzling flying craft, which hit vegetation, spread shining metal silt over four fields and flew off so they say untouched.

One pot witnessed the silt and undamaged up operation; one national piece carried the story; one national investigation lake prepared it to the site; one stockpile of puzzling clanging silt excess. Perceive for the first time always in specific detail honestly pieces of a crashed UFO.

Hook Olly is an corral, entertainer, historian, archeologist and instructor. Outsmart memorable for speech-making and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky Narrative Channel's concerning screen series "Floating Assets." Portray he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally standard involuntary mysteries.

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