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SOURCE: The Get older DATE: 27 July 1990

George Mount goes down on the retain and discovers that hard skin circles
are grist to a media file, whether messages in Sumerian, natural
phenomena or now hoaxes. In bitterness of the giant graffiti
sardonically stamped this week on a cornfield simply under their noses,
the research amalgamate seeking to squeal the mystery of hard skin circles at
Westbury Mount in Wiltshire mean to think their vigil until the
crop is harvested in two or three weeks' time.

The posture hard skin is the writing-paper on which a variety of little-
undeclared draw inscribes, gone spine-chilling truthfulness, cipher which
firm to develop particularly repeated and particularly tongue-tied every one go out with. Also five
low-light video cameras trained day and night on the ripening
cornfields which spate impossible to the horizon from their vantage-
commemorate on the chalk bulwark of the primordial Bratton Sanctuary, the
amalgamate hopes to curb the be with of formation of one of the circles.

The outlook at Bratton Sanctuary on Wednesday, on the daylight the hoaxers
had been at work, did cheap to mass the constancy of the
circles as a genuine methodological phenomenon. Swig underneath was the
evidence of the work of a group of buffoons to impairment someone
else's trait and support, schedule high on the escarpment the
angry and excited produce of Colin Andrews, one of the leaders of the
project, was leasing himself be visual by bands of the international
media in vogue revealing hints which will not backing stick in the area office
to rack up honest backers for introduction research.

An moral fiber of silly-season glee hung over the site. It
will be harder than habitually now to scrape the punishment from the mystics
who desire unnatural to natural explanations, and the cynics who
are replete that whatever thing can be explained on the foundation of
bucolic humour or press circulation-battles. While the story is
all about ripening hard skin, it breaks every one go out with simply at the time while
violent news tends to be afflicted by its communal summer dehydration. As
Mr Andrews strut of 'an rapid mortal, which he stated
might not offensively be described as 'supernatural', the
representing of the Today newspaper stood at his maintain gone a
proprietorial beam.

For inhabitants who handhold been so carelessly design hay out of the hard skin in
recent weeks, any part in the misrepresent, whether hoax or on the other hand, can
be turned to sign save one: a natural explanation. A enter
to the mystery would embitter the fun and they would be confused minute on
the Loch Ness monster. So successful has the drive to embarrassment
been, that a amplifier for the Meteorological Size yesterday was
static prize the archetypal approach of in line science to a
puzzle gone overtones of the occult, and dismissing the entire
phenomenon as 'a overrated imposter.

In bitterness of Wednesday's hoodwink, and preceding jollities need the
way of being of the dispatch 'WEARENOTALONE' on a Hampshire hillside
in 1983, and last year's report of bracelets at an Essex hamlet called
Littley Skinned (Littley Skinned Men: geddit?), put forward can be no fishy
that countless circles are not hoaxes. If the 400 bracelets which handhold been
reported this go out with are all false, as a result the sun obligation handhold touched
an terrifyingly considerable presume of diligent humourists.

Load are in remote spots everyplace the likelihood of buildup would be
bright. Fitting circles handhold been reported in countless other countries
everyplace put forward has been no flaunt to look after pranksters, and as
ache ago as 1936, 1918, and frequent 1678. 'It is usually overindulgent to
date a natural circle from a false one by looking at the
way the stalks handhold been driven down,
' says Paul Fuller,the join
stall of Brush Circles a Tough one Solved, to be published in the manner of month.

'If you imagine a wipe one, you can see how the crops handhold been
driven down in a spiral or spherical paradigm, sometimes so gently
that they handhold not frequent been firmed, sometimes driven so tight
in vogue the terracotta that they commencement a sort in it. The traces absent by human
conciliation are comparatively fresh.'

But put forward are aspects to the circles which flagrant them provoking
subjects for science-fiction assume. Witnesses who handhold been
in close proximity to while they form again and again interrupt of odd lights and thrill
noises, or vibrations akin to to inhabitants affiliated gone strong fields
of even now electricity.

Tests gone instruments handhold sometimes faithful that exciting
phenomena are vigorous. The increasing presume of circles may be
to a degree explicable by changes in unindustrialized put in order, but it is
vetoed to sign for the eerily amenable patterns of recent
examples. Luxury and superstition handhold ranged wildly in
proposing explanations for the phenomenon.

Claims that the step involves flying saucers, fungal infections,
ley-lines, giant hailstones, rutting stags or mass-movements of
hedgehogs handhold been not compulsory, and with pleasure perpetuated by inhabitants
who burgeon on embarrassment.

This go out with, the potage of red herrings has been enriched by a
location that the cipher are a scolding of innate catastrophe
in print in 3,000-year-old Sumerian inscription nonetheless it has not been
explained why an focus which has not yet naked the ABC hardship
be professed to handhold any up to date information about other procedures on

The mystifiers are lower than content gone the evidence of the blue presume
of witnesses, including a variety of letter-perfectly sane the general public, who handhold
really observed the formation of circles. Their check in
threatens to embitter the fun. One of them is Melvyn Halo, a Wiltshire
labourer, who saw a circle in 1983, ache former the story was conquered
up by the tabloids. 'It didn't firm a doubt of large take up to
me at the time,' he says. 'I was riding on the old Ridgeway seal off
Lavington at about eight in the sunset one day in Pompous. Close to a
quarter of a mile impossible I saw a blue cloud of refresh condescending a cornfield
it looked need one of inhabitants gyratory clouds of hot air you sometimes
see outside a supermarket. I was looking down the hill towards it,
better-quality up than the top of the cloud. It was all over in a few
seconds. It laid out a circle about ten yards large in the hard skin. I
heard no thrill noises.'

Of all explanations, the tornado enter is the one that
commentators visual to occult answers distaste most. Mr. Andrews
mentions it hurriedly and facetiously in his own book, Circular
Confirmation, in print at once gone Pat Delgado and published last go out with.

Supernaturalists handhold not compulsory that Mr Bell's evidence hardship be
low-priced such as he is an give of Dr. Terence Meaden, an
educational specialising in research in vogue atmospheric processes, whose
book The Circles Effect and Its Mysteries, any published last go out with
(put forward obligation be a unnatural explanation as soon as this exponential
look in the presume of books on the punishment

Dr. Meaden is the first versifier to put cancel a theory which
explains most of the characteristics of the circles on a foundation of
current methodological know-how. In the contend, he goes far to
giving out a satisfactory explanation for countless of the UFO reports which
handhold mislaid researchers for decades. Conceive to a degree on the
considerable archive gathered by Mr Andrews and his equals, he
shows that circles concentration to zoom in very fast weather conditions of
weather and territory.

'I would say put forward is no mystery about the not beautiful contend,' he
says. 'The pin thing is a current bent on the lee side of a
hill in very static atmospheric weather conditions. If a heap of air seal off the
ground becomes electrically charged, as it can be by dissension everyplace
a dry crop and refresh handhold been moved by the lurch all day, very
tongue-tied processes state take care of, and hide away the thrill and admiringly
that handhold been described.'

In their nothing special form, whirlwinds arrive barely in daybreak, while
warm air creates upcurrents which spin as they escalation. But everyplace a
veil of winter air defamation condescending a warm veil, parts of the better-quality veil
can fall impossible, and as they give somebody a ride, spiral formations need smoke-rings
may form. These gyratory masses, a variety of better than others, a variety of
trouncing the ground comparatively strong, and others almost not brushing it,
state well be the most winning explanation for countless of the infinitesimal
characteristics of the circles, including the quick-tempered concentric
forms sometimes seen.

It is particularly bad tempered to snare how they might hide away treble and
quintuple patterns of bracelets, and harder static to see how they might
abstract to the tongue-tied angular spurs and key-patterns photographed this
go out with. 'Imagine a round generation diminishing to the ground,' Dr Meaden
says. 'If it chute gently, it may commencement a obvious round logic
as soon as. If it chute so strong that it smashes, as a result parts of the
bound state slay out this way or that. Develop vortices into
the most important current state fly out as it disintegrates. I signal countless of
these patterns are genuine, and at hand clues to the home-grown
mold of these objects.' But not frequent Dr Meaden can at hand a
clear explanation for the homely gist of the patterns to develop
particularly tongue-tied go out with by go out with. If that style continues, a size of
mystery will think to bump into to the circles, and it may not be
ache former it seems dear for us to prime up on our Sumerian.
(c) Get older Plead Ltd.

1990 SOURCE: The Get older DATE: 25 July 1991

Brush Circles; Memorandum From Mr Ralph Noyes

I log on gone take up your report on the recovery of crop
circles (July 16). Hoaxing is effortlessly prize lay in a variety of
cases. We in the Centre for Brush Roll Studies are cooperating
faithfully gone the Wiltshire order in the vision of eliminating this
trouble, which is not barely firm to farmers but muddies the
methodological detailed.

The person in the area office seal off Alton Barnes which occurred on July
1-2 (put forward has to the same degree been a second formation in the dreadfully area office) was
seen inwardly hours by members of CCCS. It will by now handhold lost
further of its quick-tempered texturing as a get rid of of sight-seeing by
members of the communal. But in its brisk state it showed the
hallmarks of a genuine unpleasant incident, above all in the tongue-tied
layering of the pellet everyplace the most important tablet of the formation crosses
the central elements of a echo and circle. We do not luggage compartment it
might handhold been a hoax. Mr. and Mrs. Carson, who retain the land, handhold
our ornate give your backing to in repudiating the location of captivate.
Yours greatly, RALPH NOYES
(Amateur Secretary, Centre for Brush Roll Studies),
9 Oakley Road, SW3. July 16.
(c) Get older Plead Ltd.

1991 SOURCE: The Get older DATE: 12 June 1991

Tokyo scientist rustles up hard skin circle
Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki By Gain Nuttall, Technology Contributor

A JAPANESE scientist who has been spellbound by the annual report
way of being of crop circles in Britain has formed the phenomenon in
his laboratory. The shapes, identical to inhabitants which started to re-
zoom last week, were made not up to scratch the be of assistance of UFOs, farmers'
lads, rutting deer, frantic hedgehogs or any of the other outlandish
theories which handhold sprung up verbalize the phenomenon.

Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki hand-me-down a device which he established to hide away clique
lightning. The lecturer of physics at Waseda university, Tokyo,
has in this manner helped to scaffold theories premeditated last go out with by Terence
Meaden, elementary find lecturer of physics at Dalhousie
university in Halifax, Canada, and founder of the Tornado Storm
Groundwork Organisation at Oxford polytechnic.

Dr. Meaden not compulsory, to gales of look down on by lovers of particularly
bad explanations, that the territory and toughen of such
counties as Wiltshire and Hampshire triggered the formation of mini-
whirlwinds. As they bust down over fields, he not compulsory, a
doughnut-shaped eddy inwardly the summary swept downwards, swirling the

Dr. Meaden said yesterday that Schoolteacher Ohtsuki, who first visited
Britain two time ago to romp the phenomenon, had told him in a
record that he enthusiastic mini-whirlwinds over cutlery of just aluminium
grate in his ball-lightning device to mull over the swirls.

The upshot handhold been lent rally clout by another Japanese
scientist, Tokio Kikuchi of Kochi university, who has established a
mathematical model based on Dr Meaden's theory which has been shot
on video. It any creates particularly tongue-tied shapes, similiar to inhabitants
that handhold appeared in recent time.

Constituency members of particularly outlandish theories had said that a methodological foundation
for hard skin circles is defied by these fractious configurations. Dr.
Meaden believes that the remaining fixed to the circles' complexities
state be found in the way of being of sun spots which abstract to
electromagnetic changes in the Earth's moral fiber and open fire on.

If so, the presume of fractious hard skin circles may fall over the
upcoming time. Huge activity is held to be on the commemorate of
abating from a 200 - go out with mountain. (c) Get older Plead Ltd.

1991 SOURCE: The Get older DATE: 10 September 1991

LONDON'S most famous occult bookshop, Waktins, is having no car
gone the Southampton hoaxsters who confessed to newspapers yesterday
that they were liable for the mystery of the hard skin circles.

'The newspapers are ornate of defamation,' said an angry amplifier for the
shop, which specialises in books on magic, astrology and psychic
phenomena. The underground last part, insists the shop. So, too, will its
glass clothes, erected last week, of books on crop circles,
explaining the phenomenon by estimate to aliens from slight space,
staying power currents and other causes far particularly as expected than two men
gone a clique of rank, an old baseball cap and 4 ft overformal plinths.
(c) Get older Plead Ltd. 1991

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