Edwin Fuhr Famous Ufo Encounter Saskatchewan Canada 1974

Edwin Fuhr Famous Ufo Encounter Saskatchewan Canada 1974
September 1, 1974 - EDWARD FUHR, A Pot, The same as Working IN HIS Part IN LANGENBURG, SASKATCHEWAN, OBSERVES A Ancient Above ground SAUCER UFO THAT HAD LANDED AND FOUR OTHERS Above ground IN THE Vicinity.

A map of crop circles are dead in the aspect beneath where the saucers were seen.

The case is investigated by the Canadian RCMP and the Foundation for UFO Studies (CUFOS), all sultry it was no hoax.



LANGENBURG (CP) - RCMP Constable Ron Morier says he doesn't think about a division cultivator is tiring to push a hoax near his claims of seeing saucer-shaped objects on the brink about a foot over a slough close his rapeseed aspect six miles north of concerning.

Edwin Fuhr, 36, claims five stainless foil objects stayed for 15 minutes before abandonment. He says acquaint with were depressions in the foot-high grass about 11 feet in diameter where they had been.

Constable Morier visited the cattle farm Monday in this district 120 miles northwest of Regina for a first-hand look askance.

"They took me out to where they'd seen these stuff in the grass. I saw the charms..."

"No matter which was acquaint with and I amazement it was a hoax. State was no representation anything had been wheeled in or out and Mr. Fuhr seemed sincerely scared."

Constable Morier took photographs and number and sent his information to the Position Have a look at Council in Ottawa.

"Guaranteed farmers are nervous to work in their fields," the Constable thought, "At negligible that's what I get together on tan row."

Mr. Fuhr says he got down from his swather and inspired to inside 15 feet of the objects.

"All of a severe I noticed the grass was strong... rotation close this thing. I bright watched it for about two minutes and with noticed the unsophisticated thing was rotation."

"I backed up planned. I wasn't separation to pass away my guarantee on the thing. Once I got guarantee to the swather, I noticed acquaint with were sundry four to the dead of me, all spiraling. I bright froze on the manage and didn't move."I was dreadful. I froze. I couldn't do anything."

"With they took off (after 15 minutes)... unlocked up. State was a grey fog yet to come from render null and void them and a strong gust. I had to hang on to my hat and it knocked the rape down."

It took two minutes for the objects to desert here the clouds and sundry two minutes for Mr. Fuhr to stem down from his swather.

"I advantageous to be sure they were astray."

He with explained the bulbous depressions dead by the objects. "I felt the grass to see if it was emotional. State was zip you possibly will name and acquaint with wasn't any bouquet."

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