Preying Mantis

Preying Mantis


From "S"

Copy to Aileen

In the MUFON UFO Journal, you requested information on the preying mantis type (of alien).

In this copy I have sent you, you can see it does not seem as simple as just the Mantis. I have received a lot of material. A long story I would prefer not to go into at this time.

I suspect you may suspect? I can only say no one could be more amazed than I at this rush of material from this source. I am sixty and would never have expected to become a channeler. I have always had the suspicion that anyone could channel because there was nothing of truth in it. I am not good at eating crow but I did have a bite or two!

I have had the MP11 test at Manzanita psychotherapists and have no mental illness. I mention that for obvious reasons.

I can only offer this material and I expect to have it protected. I dislike being quoted out of context. I do feel that this should be reported, examined and valued as of worth or devalued.

The thing that amazes me is the effort expended to open a door for this information for two years and have doors pop open all over the place "asking" for the material in this last month.

I have tried to be as honest as I can. I have also tried to stay objective. I have written just what has come to me (somehow) even as I know it is pretty dramatic. My memories are not.

I remember being in a cave or on a planet of strong contrasting light and shadow. I was standing on a rock. There was a Gray with me. There were two Mantis present. The reason for me being elevated was so the Mantra could get a better view of me without the discomfort of bending to my level. They are -- were -- huge. Heads like cars. I cannot remember being afraid, but who knows.

The second memory is of myself watching the two approach me. They were moving between two cottonwood trees. There did not seem to be much difference in height. Then I was lifted once on the "arm" of the male, about the same feeling as an elevator lift.

I do not remember a gray at that time. I do remember dust. What was causing the dust I do not remember? The feeling is much like swimming with whales must be. I remember a feeling of tremendous power.

There are times when I want to chuck this whole thing. Compelled has real meaning for me now.

As for you? Be careful what you ask for. You might get it! There is a lot of information here. I need to organize it all. Right now its rolled up in a box. I do expect there will be more information on the Mantra/Terrian relationship in the near future. I do not believe this specie is the same that has been reported. This contact is new.

I am also sending a copy of one crop circle map. Something snapped when I saw them on the Barbara Walters 20/20. No one seems able to play the recorded information in them. I was told man was not ready for it!?

I feel there may be a lot to come. I'll jot it down as I remember.

Have fun,


Another letter to one of our members:

In your letter you wrote how many people are tired. Our emotions and feelings take their toll. The purity we might have is corrupted by the slop we translate and transmit through.

No two minds, translate exactly the same. This makes some information seem more dire and other less important than it should be. A product of the monkey mind we all have to deal with in this incarnation.

This last mile will be the longest. There is not one thing that is threatening the earth that is not mendable. There is still hope.

Thank you for placing the Mantra information before the public. The Mantra energy is building fast and thus the Quasars. I, Quasar, am an optimist. We see the worst but we also see the best.

A Quasar has the following list of traits that would be helpful to the understanding of a Quasar's personality.

1. A quasar will fail to bond. (a stranger in their earth home) yet saved by the certainty of "somewhere in a galaxy far, far away!"

Siblings tend to shun and isolate a Quasar. They may be excluded from maternal love. They are branded a "liar" early in life; because they have clear memories of other times and lives that is unacceptable to terrians.

2. A Quasar believes nothing without personal investigation. They have a highly developed sense of truth, honesty and justice. They hate greed, ambition and the real danger of power vested in the unenlightened. Quasars are the total cynic.

3. A Quasar speaks of the past as though it was the present. Remembers multiple incarnations, uses phrases and words from past ages. His/her memories of history are real. Possesses a photographic memory.

4. A Quasar has a "Far Side" kind of humor. His humor seems a little grim. The listener often fails to see the point.

5. A Quasar fails in diplomacy. They tend to use a larger hammer. They swing from tolerant to intolerant but that is just about it. He/she can have great impatience with the obtuse. Has little respect for "formal education" and degrees. He/she may be a high school drop out. Has little business expertise. Has difficulty managing the local world's value of exchange.

6. A Quasar has a fluxional energy field. The energy can go from very high to zero voltage. It can have a confusing effect on someone nearby.

7. A Quasar answers to The Brotherhood of Melchezadek and the co-creator alone. This makes them seem to be uncooperative, uninterested and stubborn. They show an endless curiosity and collect everything. Their mind out races the tongue.

8. A Quasar has a deep sense of his true home, the Universe. They will not be "trapped," but are willing to contribute 100% if there is a real need for service. A Quasar is never easy "in body."

9. Quasar's rarely attends a funeral. They may be considered unfeeling, disrespectful and cruel. Quasar's really know the spiritual and its many manifestations. They know any life is eternal. A Quasar has an aversion for bodily functions. He hates the care flesh body requires.

10. These words will draw strong response from a quasar. Melchezadek, universal, multi-galactic -- the force - Sha za Na - Fail safe - the Mantis and eternal.

There is much information of a personal kind on the Mantis which explains a great deal about them. I have information to share on Quasars and the duties they are bound to. I have been having retraining on Universal Law such as the value of necessity and karmic responsibility of in-worlders and out-worlders. I have information that rogue-greys have been unlawfully responsible for the rapid evolution of the Draco.

I think I mentioned a quarter of a mile circle of energy around the house. A week or so ago a white plane began to circle our house and area around the house. "could not understand the action. I had an idea but said nothing. "awoke three nights ago to a "spotlight on his face." He saw two transparent beings standing beside his bed.

The night of the fourteenth I awoke to the dogs who were growling softly. There was a sound like wings, then a mechanical ticking. Sounded just like a taxi meter. There was a sequence of four of these occurrences?

I remember I was very alert. I looked outside my bedroom window, which is where the disturbance came from, but saw nothing.

Also there is a symbol that keeps popping up behind my eyes. I asked for a word to explain it and received KEY.

I hope you will feel free to use this information. I have felt such pressure to distribute and make this material available. You have allowed the Mantis this. In and for them, you have my thanks.

I hope someday to express this to you in person.


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