Orb Fleet Flashing Lights And Altering Energy Field Ufo Sphere

Orb Fleet Flashing Lights And Altering Energy Field Ufo Sphere

These Orbs of Light are the same type of orbs that have been sighted all over the world with increasing regularity. There is something significant going on and these light beings have come to earth or into our dimension for a reason. This particular is always in the same area here in Indianapolis. There is much to be learned about these fascinating beings. We have seen them up close as well as the triangle craft that are though by many not to actually be physically but in fact are to a point.

The orbs over washington in 1952 were probably these type of orbs. flying spheres is another name they are known by. There are ufo green orb style orbs. Some motherships orb can be as long as a few miles. ufo light shows are comming up all over the world because these UFO Beings want us to notice them, ufo lights dancing in the sky are a way to be noticed and they love to do it. They love to see our reactions but more importantly they love to "feel" our responses.

flying orbs are not a new thing; They have been spotted in history all the way back to the days of Jesus. They also are known as alien orbs, lights ufo, ufo orbs, light beings, star beings, guardians of the light, guardian beings, spirit orbs, spirit beings and many many others.

The ufo fleet that hangs out here in Indianapolis is about 100 craft deep. with many thousand orbs ufo. These ufo light beings have an important message for mankind.

light orbs in sky are all over and look for ufo star blinking up there. look up for more than 20 minutes and you are bound to see something that makes you go: WOW!

We have been filming these strange blinking stars for quite some time now: over 100 days. blinking star ufo phenomenon is reaching an altime high all over the world. These ufo orb, have extremely bright star like features but are infact ufo. Notice in the video the blinking orb ufo on the left- it's like it wants to be noticed but is in formation and cannot leave its formation. We have noticed a very broad hierarchy and it's amazing to see them give orders and pass information.

nasa ufo orb disclosure has hapend but they will not say much about them even though they know a whole lot about them.

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