Identification Studies Of Ufos Peruvian Air Force Pilot Fires At Ufo 1980

Identification Studies Of Ufos Peruvian Air Force Pilot Fires At Ufo 1980
Due to signal exactly so a few stalwart feedbacks on the subject of the Tehran Eventuality, we decided to lettering distinct "Dogfight" story where a Peruvian Air Long for Follow the map engages the UFO in an safe galvanize. This is they say that the free recognizable demonstrate in which a fight jet opens galvanize against an Unknown Flying Originate.

On April 11th, 1980 an private object was detected secure to Fuerza Aerea Peruana (FAP) base in La Joya, Arequipa, thousand kilometers south of the municipality of Lima (Peruvian Wealth). Haunt observed a primed object at in this area 3 miles in turn away from and 1,800 feet direct towards, which seemed once a mushroom glowing in the sun's reflection. Unit Senior officer at FAP directed Lieutenant Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, a pilot of the Peruvian Air Long for (now retired), to inaugurate in his Sukhoi 22 aircraft to power down the circular glowing object as it was minus route in a hush-hush airspace. The phase was display 7:15 a.m. and in this area 1800 men at the base witnessed the demonstrate. As soon as the object was popular his shooting size, hanging inertly about Six hundred meters aristocratic the ground, Lt. Santa Mar'ia pulled the passion, launching sixty-four 30 mm. bullets at it. Sure projectiles missed the instruct and went towards the ground, seeing that size hit the object immediately minus ignition or causing any act of violence. The UFO subsequently started to set in motion in rank, and proceeded external from the FAP. It completed a reckless stopover at 36,000 ft., violating the laws of inertia and forcing Lt. Santa Maria to heap excursion so he was subtly 1500 feet away. Luitenant subsequently decided to flew up elder to mind-set It from aristocratic, having pretty base 100 rounds left. Morally as he steady on to the instruct harden to attack, the UFO performed a traditional successive go through the roof escaping the mind-set. He had the object steady for an attack for two greater than become old taking into consideration, but acceptably such as he was about to hit the passion, it inspired away, reliably eluding his undertake. At this attitude, he was close by out of gas, not being able to either attack or expedient his plane. Santa Mar'ia was as a result forced to retire his allocation and draw back. He was 84 kilometers from his base, and 22 minutes had approved so his just beginning contact not later than the object. At the rear landing, the object reappeared and hovered in the sky aristocratic the base for 2 greater than hours.

Lt. Santa Mar'ia described the object as follows: "It was about 30 feet in diameter. It was an enameled, cream-colored arena, not later than a cumbersome, handbill, loud base. It had no engines, no exhausts, no windows, no wings or antennae. It lacked all the typical aircraft components, not later than no obvious propulsion system."

The Eventuality was revealed within a declassification of documents by the U.S. Stem of Pronounce. Oscar Santa Maria was taking into consideration interviewed by multitude researchers and squash, and became predictable global feathers the cable TV. In a group not later than the Tehran Eventuality, he regular became a case #76102 at UFO Hunters series (Profile Channel). An Estimate from the series can be observed in the video base.

Source: abovetopsecret

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