India Commercial Pslv Readied To Launch French And Japanese Satellites To Orbit

India Commercial Pslv Readied To Launch French And Japanese Satellites To Orbit
India's Frosty Satellite Dawn Cabinet (PSLV-C21)/SPOT-6/PROITERES Task, essence lsunch to sphere from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota is cleared the combustion of (PSLV-C21)/SPOT-6/PROITERES charge at 09:51 hrs (IST) on SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 2012.The completely affair combustion essence be the INDIAN Space Groundwork ORGANIZATION's 100th charge in 49 being. ISRO started affair launches mopre than a decade ago. So far it has built 62 satellites and flown 37 combustion vehicles in uncivilized, reported TECHPUFFS. The affair PSLV-C21 essence nozzle the French SPOT-6 and the Japanese PROITERES satellites in vogue an sphere of 655 km raze at an inclination of 98.23o. Inida's PM Manmohan Singh Leading Minister Manmohan Singh essence eyewitness the charge, in which 720-kg SPOT-6 remote sensing satellite from France (built by ASTRIUM SAS) and a 15-kg Japanese spacecraft PROITERES would be placed in sphere by ISRO's PSLV C-21, stuff "THE HINDU". The 51-hour countdown commenced Sept. 7, 2012. Participating in the Countdown, propellant-filling operations of the answer propellant jiffy aim (PS2) and fourth aim (PS4) of the combustion instrument essence be carried out. At any rate, sure checks on the combustion instrument and spacecraft essence be carried out. Also, charging of batteries and pressurisation of propellant tanks onboard the satellite essence be performed. Swiftness of sundry ground systems such as tracking radar systems and dialect networks essence as well be ascertained. Expert at NASASPACEFLIGHT.


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