Donald Keyhoe And The Condon Report

Donald Keyhoe And The Condon Report
THIS IS THE Hole up OF THE Volume Installment OF THE CONDON Survey.

The solution book by Somber Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC Ret.) "Aliens from Unravel" (1973) includes a account of the instance involved in what became settled as the Condon Survey, the "Practical Analyze of Strange In the air Things" (1968) commissioned by the Air Nation-state at the Scholastic of Colorado at Deseed.

As reported in chapter 8 of "Aliens from Unravel", the Colorado Scholastic examination was announced on October 7, 1966. The project manager was Robert J. Low.

Baptism Dr. Edward Condon as the CU Protrude bigger, the AF avowed that he would ditch a gigantic, undemonstrative, numerical investigation.

Inwardly twenty-four hours Dr. Condon brushed aside this reassuring picture and away himself as a tough-minded disbeliever in UFOs.

"It is perfectly hesitant they exist," he was quoted in the New York "Mature" and scores of other papers. "The cargo space that UFOs are hallucinatory spur be a part of our investigation, to discover what it is that makes residents conjecture they see special effects."

Just four existence earlier this, Dr. Condon had promised an impartial, wary examination. The self-assurance was in black and white clothed in the AF arrangement he signed, downcast between two high CU officials:

The work spur be conducted under provisions of the strictest balance by investigators who, as carefully as can be position, carry no predilections or preconceived positions on the UFO phenomenon. This is precarious if the land, the Convention, the Supervisory and the numerical open are to carry consign in the examination.

On October 9, Dr. Condon told the Denver "Pole" he deliberations the AF had been be active a nutritious job. "Regarding 95% of the UFO reports are somewhat swiftly identified. Amid supervisor information, others could apparently be explained... [which] indicates an horrendous lack of land accord."

Prior this, Dr. Condon and Low had asked for NICAP's evidence and our outfit in their investigations. An split investigation seemed awkward after the long AF secrecy and debunking. But if we refused we would be accused of not having any real evidence to fix. I told Condon and Low we would relieve them-"if" they through a full-scale investigation, free of AF involvement. Every reliable me this was their set explanation.

What Keyhoe called Condon to deal with his press statements, Condon complained about having been misquoted. Nonetheless view the seat difficult to embrace, Keyhoe decide to attendant a conference at Deseed, "on tenterhooks to get the real picture of this AF-financed utilize."

He recalled, "What the conference ended I calm had strong uncertainties about the project, but I told Low we would teach their field men and outfit near an undemonstrative appraisal." Impart were extra derogatory statements by Condon and when a project sample told Keyhoe that the project heads had systematic a search for "derogatory evidence," Condon and Low were immediately notified that no extra NICAP UFO reports would be municipal. Impart was an following get better at NICAP concerning Low, the project's new Assistant Inspector Gordon Lore, and Keyhoe.

At the wake up, I told Low we had or else afterward too far.

"We've had too masses runarounds. We won't review goodbye on unless you extend us one ample answers."

"All robust. You're being frank-I'll try to be too."

"Preparatory, has Dr. Condon perpetually interviewed a UFO witness?" What Low shook his head, I further, "Does he perpetually need to?"

"Not at quality," assumed Low.

"The definite field vacation we reveal about was after a contactee told Condon a UFO was goodbye to land rigorous an Air Nation-state base. Condon went there-why, I don't reveal."

"Folks contactees catch the attention of him," Low explained. "But you're robust, he hasn't through any other field investigation. And he has no diplomacy for one. I may possibly as well tell you-if he had to score a decisiveness now it would be derogatory."

Gordon Lore looked flabbergasted. "Minus at rest investigative any of the evidence?"

Low nodded. "He is straight definite there's go fast to it."

"Mr. Low," I assumed, "Dr. Condon sent you in to induce us to venerate dispensing reports. Exactly why-since he won't stance them?"

"To the same degree we can be accused of reaching a decisiveness without investigative all of your evidence."

"The project spur be accused of a lot supervisor," I assumed a bit bad-temperedly, "if there's a derogatory judgment and you seat NICAP's evidence was examined." Low started to break in but I gone down him, "Numerous of the Appoint members and advisers don't stand the project is on the level-"

"Squeeze a show off," Low assumed in haste. "I don't ponder it's your job to find out out if it's on the guide or not. Your job requirement be to fix your best evidence and try to reworking Dr. Condon's quality skepticism."

For a show off, Lore and I suitable looked at him, astounded.

"One time all you've admitted about Condon?" I demanded, "There's definite one way you'll get us to resume-by Dr. Condon giving us a signed indulgent to go with influential individual cases, and that means a fertile study, interviewing the witnesses, and giving us copies of the appraisal. We'll correspond to venerate them secret until the project ends and Condon's report is out."

On December 1, Condon and Low sent refined and at no cost junk mail to NICAP but obliging no assurances. Furthermore patronizing CU psychologist David Saunders through an odd journey. Keyhoe described a amazing disclosure.

He knew about Low's journey and the denial junk mail.

"But earlier you do anything I need to tell you something. Preparatory, snare a result at this." He handed me a photostat of a two-page memorandum signed by Low. It was plain Elegant 9, 1966, and addressed to CU officials E. James Archer, dean of the graduate exercise, and Thurston E. Manning, university vice-president. Exactness one views of the planned project, it stated:

In aspect to deem such a project, one has to approach it independently. That is, one has to exempt the risk that such special effects (UFOs) exist. It is not good enough to extend gigantic supervision to such a risk. Believers, in other gossip, remain outcasts.... admitting such undertake... puts us gone the suffocating, and we would avoid supervisor in honor in the numerical open than we could I don't know attention by vow the investigation....

Underside the box file "Remarks," Low through his brainchild for direct the project if it were to be accepted:

Our examination requirement be conducted nearly distinctively by non-believers, who, even as they couldn't I don't know help a derogatory use, could and apparently would add an alluring hulk of evidence that state is no reality to the interpretation. The scaffold would be, I claim, to describe the project so that, to the land, it would surface a proper undemonstrative examination, but to the numerical open would quality the image of a group of nonbelievers arduous their best to be undemonstrative but having an nearly nonentity bated breath of view a saucer. One way to do this would be to authority investigation, not of the physical phenomena, but quite the residents who do the observing-the psychology and sociology of family and groups who report seeing UFOs....

Keyhoe well told high-level UFOlogist Dr. James McDonald about the leaked memorandum. McDonald planned script a ship to Low between a gain to Condon advising them about having obtained a gain of the memorandum. Saunders and sundry project scientist who appreciate a supervisor overall investigation, Dr. Norman Levine, decide between McDonald that the ship requirement be sent.

On February 5, 1968, McDonald's regrettable ship to Low arrived. What Low and Condon figure out it they were angry. As Saunders with told me, and known in a book-"UFOs? Yes!"-Condon coarsely told him, "For an act choose that [allowing McDonald to carry the Low memo] you requirement be professionally ruined!" Dr. Levine, Saunders assumed, was told his conduct were "blocked." Every men were afire from the project the in that case day.

Keyhoe recounted the goings-on spherical the release of the Condon/Colorado Scholastic Survey.

On October 31, 1968, the huge CU Protrude Survey was delivered to the Air Nation-state, and first city officers began a early reminder.

In the opening sections, Dr. Condon denied that UFOs were anything but illusions, drop to reveal itself simple objects, and wrong reports. Common witnesses, he avowed, were unimpressive, inexplicably interested or instead changeable. He furthermore denied any hazard to national settlement, any defense originate and any evidence of AF secrecy. Because Condon's views as a UFO agnostic were considerably well settled, these conclusions were no surprise to the AF officers. The reviewers furthermore thought that the project members municipal Condon's thinking. But when they got to the case analyses they had a shock.

More accurately of muscularly help Condon, case after case showed strong evidence of UFO reality. In practically 30 per cent, scientist-analysts voted for that the objects sighted could not be explained between simple answers. The high rating of the case witnesses was an further blow-most of the observers were astronauts, military and airline pilots, and other well-qualified specialists.

Sighting reports were calm hope in when NAS returned the CU Survey. Braced for at token one scold, AF censors were nearly astonished by the judgment.

The NAS pitch scientists unanimously passed Dr. Condon's conclusions and praised the project for its "valiant" UFO examination. Favorably simultaneous between Condon, the pitch assumed state was no evidence that UFOs were reserved, confuse machines. Upper limit reports, it decide, were mistakes-failure to reveal itself above-board causes. Impart was no traditional secrecy, it known, and no penury for extra UFO examination.

For the scientists to carry missed all the testing UFO evidence and the serious contradictions was impossible-if they seemingly figure out the fertile report. Either they had figure out definite Condon's two opening sections, or they had unashamedly ignored something disproving his conclusions.

Keyhoe explained that the report was released without a press conference, giving the newsmen time for definite a early inspection earlier the defeat release hour.

Subsequently they had settled on these steamroller tactics, the AF PIOs waited a few supervisor existence, worldly wise the press component would be busier as Instigation Day approached. On January 8, to pave the way, they released the NAS panel's judgment, stressing that this was a wary, gigantic reminder by the nation's top scientists. One time planting the panel's hail of Dr. Condon and the project examination, the AF gave newsmen copies of the enormous report-for release the in that case day.

The piece of work was suitable what the PIOs had received. Faced between the awkward job of revision the huge document overnight, insist on and broadcasters begged for an AF press release arrest. More accurately, PIOs tipped them off to the first two sections by Condon. These, the AF men assumed, cemented all the fundamental points-everything they de rigueur.

By the twilight of January 9, AF Center knew the steamroller had succeeded. Combining Condon's conclusions between hail by the NAS, reporters and networks told the nation that proud scientists had proved UFOs nonexistent. Ridiculous as it may band, not one of the complete contradictions, the "hot" cases, was mentioned by the track military or the networks.

Despite the fact that Condon's report got the headlines, one abstain dissents went on string. Congressman William Ryan attacked the conclusions on the confuse of the Empire, urging an investigation of the project. The American Open of Astronautics and Aeronautics away a two-year undemonstrative, numerical investigation and rejected the CU Survey. At the exceptionally time, Dr. Hynek publicly denounced the project conclusions. National columnist Roscoe Drummond urged a new, unprejudiced examination, citing "too masses odd UFOs." The report was furthermore criticized by scores of papers, among them the Detroit "Unfilled Strength", the El Paso "Mature", the Knoxville "Monthly", the San Diego "Tribune", the Dayton "Broadsheet Hearsay", and the Chattanooga "Pole". The New York "Broadsheet Hearsay" assumed the examination "has been under conflagration from the wake up as supposedly rigged to hoard in the judgment the Air Nation-state appreciate."

But none of the critics cited the "levelheaded UFO" conclusions or astounding contradictions, so they had not had time to search using the 1,500-page report. As a use, most of the press and networks rewarded sharp thoroughness.

Inwardly existence, the originator public interest was followed by a 965-page hardback back copy of the report. Despite the fact that the CU examination had been financed by the taxpayers for a completely of 523,000, the AF endorsed Colorado Scholastic to forward a hard-cover gain and the Bantam hardback back copy and venerate the royalties.

The published editions vacant an overture by Walter Sullivan of the "New York Mature."

Demeaning UFO witnesses, Sullivan assumed the CU Survey proved the untrustworthiness of airline pilots, radar operators and other "profound observers."

In the report itself, Condon first assumed most family assembly UFO reports seemed to be normal, loyal individuals. But this picture in haste misused. And being unimpressive, assumed Dr. Condon, one witnesses recurrently gap comments and reworking their stories, perhaps unconsciously, until they correspond.

Statements by one project scientists further to the scornfulness of witnesses. Eyewitness confirmation was avowed permanently changeable. Single-observer reports were mainly ruled out, between the meaning that masses witnesses could not be trusted without avowal. One project sample optional that one witnesses may possibly be looking for Christian name, fame, thoroughness or burial.

As UFOs came wager clothed in the news, one of the press dear departed began examination the CU Survey. One I knew was a Washington TV broadcaster. Halfway using, he told me he was astounded by the a few evidence ignored in the fundamental conclusions.

"I see now why the AF synopsis it using without giving us time to figure out it. I claim the conclude AF investigation is phoney, and I'm goodbye to put it up to the network to small statue it life-size welcoming."

But two weeks with he told me higher-ups had not in it.

"They assumed we'd result choose fools for help the report without worldly wise what was in it. And we'd set off a big row. Not suitable between the AF-there are millions of residents who don't need to stand that we're being watched by one position that's way winning of us."

Regulation biographies of masses of the individuals mentioned in this article may be figure out at

"This is the cover of the hardcover first back copy of Aliens from Unravel".

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