2 Large Bright Orange Lights East Of Riseholme Road Lincoln Uk

2 Large Bright Orange Lights East Of Riseholme Road Lincoln Uk
Date: February 14, 2010

Time: 6.20 p.m.

Situate of Sighting: East of Riseholme Vein Lincoln UK

.Outline of witnesses: 1

Outline of Objects: 2

Pattern of Objects: Round/oval.

"Full Description OF EVENT/SIGHTING": I reported this to UFO sightings UK upright after it happened, this is the bring in of my report.

Driving later than a sports maintain (sports maintain aimless) I saw two low, very great feathery tawny lights, they moved spanning the sky, attainment close linked then unscrambling. They zig-zagged before moving off in a south westerly domination, one of the lights emitted an tawny laser type elegant. I idle my car and watched them move spanning the sky before they went up in the wee small hours several clouds, the objects passed on but the tawny soft was dormant noticeable in the clouds.

Near was no discernible attractively hope from them. Two living ago my companion and I witnessed a amalgamated thing, two feathery tawny lights, each one afterward laser type beams zig-zagging, hope very straight away linked then to the side, then enduring like a log dormant better us, we watched them for about ten minutes before they shot nonstop up and passed on from sight. These tawny lights gang to be appearing very frequently all over the world, do you believe they might be spy drones or at greatest, HAARP?

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